Welcome and thank you for visiting my website. I am Amelie Freiberg.
I am a Ph.D. Candidate at the Department of Political Science at Trinity College Dublin, Academic Staff at the Chair of Political Science, International Relations, University Mannheim, and Civil War Paths Fellow at the University of York.

I received a B.A. in Political Science and English Studies from the University of Mannheim and a M.Sc. in International Politics from Trinity College Dublin.

I specialize in conflict research and my research interests are explaining sexual violence in armed conflicts and insurgent behaviour.
In my thesis "Sexual Violence in Civil War - Explaining Patterns of Combatant Socialisation", I focus on explaining and predicting socialisation patterns by rebel groups in connection to conflict-related sexual violence.

As part of my thesis I am conducting the Socialisation and Political Education in Rebel Groups” (SOPERG) data project. The SOPERG Project dataset measures how African rebel groups utilize political education to facilitate socialization among their members. The SOPERG data project, provides information on the efforts of political education within rebel organizations in African interstate conflicts between 1989 and 2021, as included in the Sexual Violence in Armed Conflicts (SVAC) Dataset (Cohen and Nordas, 2014).

Read more about the SOPERG project in the Civil War Paths blog: From Books to Bullets: The Spectrum of Political Education in Rebel Groups.

I am am happy to discuss this project and my work more generally at freibera@tcd.ie.

Interested in my research? Check out the episode of the CRSV Observatory Podcast. Where I talk about my research on Conflict-related sexual violence and combatant socialization
You can find it here: https://castbox.fm/channel/id4945261?country=in[](https://www.crsvobservatory.com/podcast/episode/55949ad6/episode-19-amelie-freiberg)

Besides my work, I am passionate about books, pets, plants, and knitting.

  • Conflict-Related Sexual Violence
  • Gender and Conflict
  • Rebel Groups
  • African Politics
  • Research Methodology
  • PhD in Political Science, 2024 (expected)

    Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

  • M.Sc. in International Politics, 2020

    Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

  • BA in Political Science and English Studies, 2017

    University of Mannheim, Germany


Working Papers

  • “Freiberg, Amelie. “Confict-Related Sexual Violence: Understanding the Infuence of Rebels' Traits on Strategies of Combatant Socialisation.””
  • “Freiberg, Amelie. “How Rebel Groups Socialise: Introducing the Socialisation and Political Education in Rebel Groups (SOPERG) Data Project.””
  • “Freiberg, Amelie. “Not Brothers in Arms: The Infuence of Non-violent Socialisation on Rebel Fragmentation.””
  • “Freiberg, Amelie. “Resources and Rape: Unravelling Patterns of Confict-Related Sexual Violence in Ideological Rebel Groups.””
  • “Freiberg, Amelie. “Why Insurgents Rape: The Infuence of Non-violent Socialisation on Confict-Related Sexual Violence.””


Feb 2024 – Present Mannheim, Germany


  • Data analysis in conflict research using Stata (Undergraduate) (Spring 2024)
  • Sexual violence in armed conflicts – Patterns of CRSV in civil wars (Hauptseminar) (Spring 2024)
Teaching Assistant
Sep 2020 – Dec 2023 Dublin, Ireland


  • POU11021 Politics and Irish Society A and B (Undergraduate) (Fall 2003 Spring 2024)
  • POU33102 Political Violence B: Political Violence and Conflict in Comparative Context (Spring 2023)
  • POU33152 German Politics (Undergraduate) (Spring 2021, 2022, 2023)
  • PO2140 International Relations: Theories of International Politics (Fall 2022)
  • POU11021 Politics and Irish Society (Undergraduate) (Fall 2021)
  • POU11011 Introduction to Political Science (Undergraduate) (Fall 2020)
Apr 2020 – Sep 2020 Konstanz, Germany


  • Sexual Violence in Armed Conflicts – Patterns of wartime rape in civil wars (Undergraduate)
Teaching Assistant
Aug 2018 – Jun 2019 Dublin, Ireland


  • PO2140 International Relations: Theories of International Politics (Prof. William Phelan)
  • PO2141 International Relations: Topics and Treaties (Prof. William Phelan)