Welcome and thank you for visiting my website. I am Amelie Freiberg.
I am a Ph.D. Candidate at the Department of Political Science at Trinity College Dublin.

I received a B.A. in Political Science and English Studies from the
University of Mannheim and a M.Sc. in International Politics from
Trinity College Dublin.

I specialize in conflict research and my research interests are explaining sexual violence in armed conflicts and insurgent behaviour.
In my thesis ““Explaining variation in sexual violence in civil war: Understanding patterns of combatant socialisation”,I focus on explaining and predicting socialisation patternsby rebel groups in connection to conflict-related sexual violence.

As part of my thesis I am conducting the Socialisation and Political Education in Rebel Groups” (SOPERG) data project. The SOPERG Project dataset measures how African rebel groups utilize political education to facilitate socialization among their members.

I am am happy to discuss this project and my work nore generally at

Interested in my research? Check out the episode of the CRSV Podcast. Where I talk about my research on Conflict-related sexual violence and combatant socialization
You can find it here:

Besides my work, I am passionate about books, pets, plants, and knitting.

  • Causes and consequences of armed violence
  • Conflict-related sexual violence
  • Socialization and armed group identity
  • Armed group ideology and institutions
  • Gender
  • Race and Identity
  • Quantitative methods
  • PhD in Political Science, 2024 (expected)

    Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

  • M.Sc. in International Politics, 2020

    Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

  • BA in Political Science and English Studies, 2017

    University of Mannheim, Germany


Working Papers

  • “No brothers in arms: The influence of non-violent socialisation on rebel fragmentation”
  • “Conflict-related sexual violence: Understanding the influence of rebels’ traits on strategies of combatant socialisation”
  • “Why insurgents rape: The influence of non-violent socialisation on conflict-related sexual violence”
  • “Resources and Rape: Patterns of wartime rape in activist insurgencies”

Work in Progress

  • “Sexual violence in armed conflicts: Patterns of wartime rape activist and opportunist insurgencies”
  • “Explaining insurgent violence against civilians: Insurgent capacity and leadership”


Teaching Assistant
Sep 2020 – Present Dublin, Ireland


  • POU11011 Introduction to Political Science (Undergraduate) (Fall 2020)
  • POU33152 German Politics (Undergraduate) (Spring 2021, 2022, 2023)
  • POU11021 Politics and Irish Society (Undergraduate) (Fall 2021)
  • PO2140 International Relations: Theories of International Politics (Prof. William Phelan)
  • POU33102 Political Violence B: Political Violence and Conflict in Comparative Context (Prof. Dino Hadzic)
Apr 2020 – Sep 2020 Konstanz, Germany


  • Sexual Violence in Armed Conflicts – Patterns of wartime rape in civil wars (Undergraduate)
Teaching Assistant
Aug 2018 – Jun 2019 Dublin, Ireland


  • PO2140 International Relations: Theories of International Politics (Prof. William Phelan)
  • PO2141 International Relations: Topics and Treaties (Prof. William Phelan)